A fashion tip from an expert in the industry

You love wearing trendy silver jewelry, but you can not match them? Do you have trouble combining gold and silver? Do not panic! This is neither a fault of taste nor a lack of skill to wear. We explain everything to stay stylish in gold jewelry and silver jewelry.

In fashion, eternal myth is always there. For example, socks are not worn in sandals (myth), and you can not mix gold and silver jewelry (still myth).

“It’s a question of taste, a bit like the navy blue and black mix” An expert from Hong Factory, a Thailand’s leading silver jewelry manufacturer explained.

Mixing gold and silver is a matter of taste

While the fashion style is often a simple matter of choice, strictly speaking, there are no strict rules. If you do not like wearing gold and silver jewelry at the same time, it’s up to you!

For others, we explain everything about how to combine the two metals and how to avoid fashion mistakes.


The gold and silver jewelry combination

For the record, in the old days, it was forbidden to wear to mix gold and silver. The latter, not precious enough, could distort the value of gold.
In 1924, the Cartier jeweler’s house broke the codes with its famous Trinity ring that mixes three rings, all of a different gold (yellow, gray and pink).
Today, nothing prevents you from accumulating your jewels and even less from mixing them. All you need to do is follow a few simple rules.

Wear gold and silver jewelry together: the style of jewelry

Because if you can mix gold and silver, better stick to the same style of jewelry. “That’s why the Cartier ring works so well. The style of each ring is the same, only the color changes ” added the expert from Hong Factory

We must choose either a bohemian, chic or classic or extravagant. “We avoid mixing families and materials: we can combine gold and silver, but we do not weigh down with plastic” advise experts in the image.

The simplest is still to opt for very minimalist pieces: beautiful chains, rushes, small rings, creoles or chips, etc.


The size matter with mixing gold and silver jewelry

When wearing gold and silver jewelry at the same time, it’s essential to consider their size

We avoid associating a small gold bracelet next to a large silver cuff or a thin gold chain with a silver plastron necklace.

If you want to wear a silver necklace and gold earrings, do not worry. Avoid only big trendy pieces: a discreet necklace and chips or creoles will do the trick!
Mix gold and silver: the number of jewels

“To accumulate bracelets or rings, wear them in odd numbers. For example, for three rings, choose two gold and one silver models. For five bracelets, choose three gold and two silver. It’s a rule of aesthetics!” the expert from Hong Factory described in detail.


How to wear gold and silver rings?

Accumulate the rings, nothing more simple. Many of them are worn on the same finger or small fines on each finger. We avoid accumulating large rings on all fingers!

“Simply alternate the gold and silver rings of the same size and in a similar style,” said the expert. Marcasite Silver Jewelry Wholesale

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